Things aren’t always what they seem! Like Photos.

Most people have seen the before and after of photos that have been touched up. Have you seen the Hungarian singer who shows the digital work in real time as she sings. Wow. Here is a Vimeo link to the same video.

To Courageous Mothers

To the courageous mothers the world over. Happy Mother’s Day! What gift did your mom give you? Here’s an old post I wrote as a tribute to my mom.

Change your words. Change your world.

Happy Friday friends! Change Your Words. Change Your World. What a great message found in this video! What words do you need to change to change your world? My name is Pam and I am so glad you stopped by today! I started this blog to document my journey into motorcycling and along the way […]

Feeling under the weather until I found this …

Props to Michele Obama! Feeling Under the Weather Where do you look for inspiration when you are feeling under the weather? There are so places we can go, if we choose to look. Ladies, whether you are looking to start riding solo, a casual motorcyclist, a seasoned rider, or enjoying riding pillion you are all […]

New Shoes Flowchart

Found this new shoes flowchart over on! Gotta love a good flowchart.

Seasonal Fashion Help

In need of seasonal fashion help? I don’t know about you, but I find adding a scarf an easy way to update or dress-up an outfit. I found this video from Eileen Fisher demonstrating a nice variety of ways to tie a scarf. What do you like to do to accent an outfit? Seasonal Fashion Help Check […]

Friday Fun and Shoes!

Hope you enjoyed that, it made me laugh. Friday Fun and Shoes! I realized today that I haven’t posted anything about “heels” a.k.a. shoes since the blog challenge blogger Princess Scooterpie issued: Post a picture of your favorite non-motorcycle/scooter shoes & one of your motorcycle/scooter boots/shoes. And then I stumbled on! Chooze Shoes is a […]

Shopping for Motorcycle Boots

I’m looking to replace the riding boots I’ve been wearing before next season. So I’m shopping for motorcycle boots. Truth be told they are a pair of leather over-the-ankle boot with an inch heel not a true motorcycle boot. >Gasp< They offered protection for this newbie who hadn’t been on an interstate until this season. […]


Breaking News Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! For more information on how to talk Pirate and celebrate like a Pirate check out their official site! You can also tweet to @thecapnslappy. Aye, matey pull those eye patches out and throw grammar out the window! It’s a day to celebrate.

Just Sayin’ Ladies

Just Sayin’ Ladies My name is Pam and I am so glad you stopped by today! I started this blog to document my journey into motorcycling and along the way I met so many other lady riders with inspiring stories to tell I began to share theirs as well. About the same time I started […]