My First Ride!

Here are some pictures of my first ride! My First Ride! My coworkers threw a luncheon party for me to celebrate getting my motorcycle endorsement! Great group of gals! My husband showed up at work that day with the bike. This is the day I rode around the parking lot in sandals, capris, and no […]

First day on the new Motorcycle!

My hubby took me to a very large parking lot to practice on the new bike. I handled it pretty well considering I learned on a 200cc and this is a 750! After 40 minutes or so I was ready to go home and try the local streets. First day on the new Motorcycle! I’ve […]

The Nighthawk has landed!

My hubby is definitely my hero! He rode our new ’00 Honda CB750 Nighthawk home in 46 degrees with a stiff wind and a few sprinkles. It was an hour ride all highway. Between the wind and the 65 mph he was a bit chilly when we arrived, but never complained. I’ll get out on […]

The Cat is out of the Bag!

Hubs and I are getting a ’00 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk on Saturday! The Cat is out of the Bag! There were a lot of factors going into picking out a motorcycle. First of all, both of us would be riding it. At least until I figure out if I like motorcycling and if motorcycling likes […]