Breaking Stereotypes: Top 8 Motorcycles for Women Who Ride

Motorcycles for Women Motorcycles have always been a symbol of freedom, adventure, and independence. Breaking stereotypes, it’s no longer just a male-dominated field (finally), as more and more women are getting into the world of motorcycling. In fact, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council, female riders now account for nearly 20% of all motorcycle owners […]

Are Motorcycle Airbag Jeans A Game-Changer?

Have you seen the hottest motorcycle apparel from the Swedish company, Mo’Cycle? Motorcycle airbag jeans! What?! You read that right! Airbag pants that wear and look like jeans, are reusable after deployment, and are stronger than steel will be hitting the market. The technology behind them seems like a game changer for motorcyclists! How do […]

How to Develop Confidence Riding a Motorcycle

Girlfriend, you did it! You took and passed the motorcycle permit test, passed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, and now you have your newly endorsed license in hand. You bought your first motorcycle and all the riding gear. You are an official female motorcyclist! Now it is time to throw a leg over your bike […]

What Does Lane Splitting or Lane Filtering Mean for Motorcycles

If you have ever sat on a motorcycle in full gear during rush hour traffic, you know why it is a relief to hear more states are adding lane filtering or lane splitting to their rules of the road. First off, let’s define what lane filtering and lane splitting mean. Both have been referred to […]

Reasons Why Women Want to Ride a Motorcycle – Top 10

What are the reasons why women want to ride a motorcycle? Now there is a question quite a few people have asked! What about you? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why would a woman want to ride a motorcycle?” What did you come up with? If riding a motorcycle intrigues you but you don’t currently […]

What is a Motorcycle Bell?

I just asked the question, “What is a motorcycle bell?” after my son asked if my Royal Enfield had a bell. I went on to say, “It has a horn. Why would I need a bell?” That’s when he schooled me on motorcycle bells also known as guardian bells, Angel bells, road bells, and a […]

7 Winter Motorcycle Storage Tips

The days filled with riding motorbikes are quickly coming to an end, but the memories still bring a smile to our face. The Minnesota State Fair, the last week of August, for us, marks the unofficial end of summer, and the weather appears to change almost immediately. Pull out the sweaters and jackets we all […]

Gift Ideas for Female Motorcyclists

Let’s go shopping for your favorite lady rider! Many families support a female motorcyclist, but they do not ride themselves, so they are at a loss for gift ideas. I have put together a list of gift ideas for female motorcyclists to help you to come up with unique and useful gifts for your favorite […]

Top Riding Advice from 99 Female Motorcyclists

Here is the top riding advice from 99 female motorcyclists when asked, “What advice do you have for women who ride or want to ride a motorcycle?” It was unsurprising that their advice was divided into several categories while emphasizing the same points. Through social media, I’ve met over 99 female motorcyclists from all over […]