Reasons Why Women Want to Ride a Motorcycle – Top 10

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What are the reasons why women want to ride a motorcycle? Now there is a question quite a few people have asked! What about you? Have you ever asked yourself, “Why would a woman want to ride a motorcycle?” What did you come up with? If riding a motorcycle intrigues you but you don’t currently do so, here is some motivation for you to start!

Over the years, I’ve connected with many female motorcyclists. One of the questions I usually ask them is why they started riding. I find it fascinating and inspiring to hear the reasons why women decide to ride. 

Reasons Why Women Want to Ride a Motorcycle – Top 10

#1 She Came from a Family that Rides

Many of the women I have talked with come from families that rode. It was a natural transition to join in on the fun and learn to ride. Some of these lady riders had stories of their brothers telling them they couldn’t ride because they were girls. Guess what? They couldn’t have been more wrong! 

Take some inspiration from these ladies who have been riding for the majority of their lives – if they can, so can you! 

#2 Converted from Riding Pillion

Many of the women were pillions, riding behind their men when they had an “aha” moment, “I can do this!” Whether the reason was that their forward view was blocked by a big helmet, the pilot drove a bit out of control, or just wanting the satisfaction of knowing that I can ride my own motorcycle, gave them the desire to do it! 

You may not have ever thought of riding solo before, but think about what is stopping you from piloting your own motorcycle. You can do this!

Top 10 Reasons Why Women Ride a Motorcycles

#3 Looking for Adventure

So many of the women mentioned that the adventure of motorcycle riding was the reason they started and that they could do it solo! Pure and simple fun was how they described motorcycle riding. The adventure is not only the ride, but the people you meet along the way! A few talk about independence, along with challenging themselves as riders. It is personal growth on so many levels.

Does life feel stagnant? Learn to ride a motorcycle. It is an adventure every time you throw a leg over your cycle.

#4 Inspired to be an Inspiration

Have you ever seen a woman on her motorcycle riding down the road? She looks confident, content and classy. So many of the female motorcyclists I talked with said they were inspired to learn to ride by other women they had seen who piloted their own cycles. There are not a lot of them but they are inspiring others!

What about you? What do you think when you see a lady rider? Do you get a little tingle? That could be your inner-self saying it is time to learn to ride!

#5 Available Motorcycle Parking

I was surprised by the number of women who started riding because of a lack of parking! They began to commute by motorcycle because there was more parking available. The positive economic impact was a benefit as well! There were women who started riding in college and for work because of the advantage of motorcycle parking being more available and closer to building entrances. 

There are certain advantages to commuting on a motorcycle, with parking being one of them. Maybe parking isn’t an issue, but think of the fun ride into and home from work as an inspiration to learn to ride.

#6 The Feeling Motorcycling Gives

Many female riders agree that nothing compares to the feeling you get when riding your own motorcycle, which is one of the main reasons they ride. Several women stated that when they felt down or overwhelmed by life, riding made them feel in control, capable, and free. 

Motorcycles have the ability to give you a sense of empowerment and freedom. Don’t let circumstances dictate your emotions; learn to ride and change those feelings!

#7 Started on a Scooter

I have met quite a few female motorcyclists that started out on scooters. The ability to just “twist and go” appealed to those who wanted to experience riding on two wheels without having to learn to shift gears. Many states require the same training and licensing requirements, but you do it on a scooter. 

Get started on a scooter and gain confidence, and then, if the time is right, move to a motorcycle. It is easier to start than you think!

#8 Never too Old to Start

There were a few women who claimed it was a mid-life crisis, that they needed a hobby now that they were empty nesters, or that they had gone through a major life change, such as divorce, that prompted them to start riding motorcycles. Ladies, you do not need to be twenty-something to start; there are plenty of lady riders who were in their late forties, fifties, and even sixties when they learned to ride. 

You can start to learn something new, like riding a motorcycle, at any time, at any age, and for any reason. No excuses necessary. 

#9 Connecting to the World Around 

Several women said that when they ride their motorcycle, it makes them feel like a part of the world around them rather than plowing through it. Awareness was heightened to the sights and smells as they rode. Interacting with life on a motorcycle makes these female motorcyclists feel alive and connected.

Don’t let the world pass you by; instead, learn to ride and see the world from a brand-new perspective. 

#10 Don’t Tell Me No

For whatever reason, so many female riders pushed through being told they couldn’t ride; mostly they were told it was because they were women. Some were told they were too short, not capable of handling a motorcycle, or too complicated for women to operate a cycle. All of these myths about female motorcyclists have been busted.

Be inspired like these women to never let someone else tell you what you can or cannot do! You can learn to ride a motorcycle, it may take some time, but with practice you can do it!

Reasons Why Women Want to Ride a Motorcycle

Helmet or Heels blogger, Pam

My desire to ride a motorcycle started way back when I first got married. My husband had a Suzuki GL550 and we would ride all over together. He thought it would be a good idea if I learned some basics just in case I needed to ride the motorcycle. Despite the fact that riding a motorcycle as a woman was considered to be somewhat taboo in the 1970s, I didn’t hesitate. That was my reason for learning to ride a motorcycle.

There you have it, the top 10 reasons why women want to ride a motorcycle! I hope you have found a reason or two to begin your journey into the wonderful world of motorcycles and riding. All female riders are welcome to join the Helmet or Heels group, regardless of their level of experience or desire to ride solo or pillion. 

No matter where you are on your journey, I would love to hear about your motorcycle experiences. Other ladies will be motivated by it along the way. Fill out the contact form to connect!

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