Are Motorcycle Airbag Jeans A Game-Changer?

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Have you seen the hottest motorcycle apparel from the Swedish company, Mo’Cycle? Motorcycle airbag jeans! What?! You read that right! Airbag pants that wear and look like jeans, are reusable after deployment, and are stronger than steel will be hitting the market. The technology behind them seems like a game changer for motorcyclists!

Motorcycle Airbag Jean by Mo'Cycle
Photo credit: Mo’Cycle

How do motorcycle airbag pants work?

The airbag pants have a tether that the rider attaches to the motorcycle. These pants are activated when the rider is separated from the motorcycle filling the airbags reducing the risk of injury. The airbag jeans are reusable just reload the CO2 cartridge. Check out the chart below for all the features!

Motorcycle Airbag Jeans Features and Benefits
Photo Credit: Mo’Cycle

Next generation safety

According to Mo’Cycle’s press release beauty of these motorcycle airbag jeans is that they are 10 times better at absorbing impact energy compared to regular pads. Unlike most protective pants the airbag pants also cover the thighs, rear, and tailbone! This is amazing news that could protect riders from some serious spinal column injuries.

Will you be purchasing Airbag Jeans?

These pants are due on the market in 2023. Currently, the company has a crowd funding drive over on Indiegogo. You can order a pair for $526 USD with an expected ship date of May 2023. Mo’Cycle also has a vest list for the same price and ship date. Let me know if you pick up a pair. I would love to share your experience with this product. Fill out the contact form and let’s get in touch!

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