2 Surgeries and a Boot Finally Released

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In my previous post, I shared about my motorcycle accident. It caused me to be in the hospital for eleven days, having 2 surgeries, and a boot on my right foot before being released to a short-term care facility. The least of my injuries happened to my right ankle. It was fractured, but thankfully it was not broken, so I was put into a boot. I swear it weighed 100 pounds, but I was reassured it came in at around 4 pounds. The boot made my ankle weight-bearing so I could walk or, more like, shuffle around.

During my 11-day stay, I encountered around 25 nurses, and one of them recommended that I acquire an EVENup for my left shoe. If you have ever worn a boot, you are familiar with how it can disrupt the alignment of your hips, causing discomfort. This suggestion proved to be a game-changer! .

If you ever end up in a boot, I would highly recommend purchasing this handy gadget.

The Surgeries Begin

The Surgeries Begin - Helmet or Heels

The second day of my hospital stay, I had surgery on my right upper arm. The ball on top of the humerus broke off, and the bone split down the middle. The accident also messed up the muscles surrounding my shoulder joint.

The surgeon used a metal plate along with 12 screws to repair the broken bone. I awoke to find my arm immobile and in a sling with a lot of pain.

After surgery, my right hand was functional, but all I could do was hinge at the elbow. Unfortunately, I am left-handed, so they prepared me to begin to learn how to do things right handed.

Second Surgery

Four days later, I was sent back into surgery to have my left hand repaired. An orthopedic hand specialist was brought in to operate because of the numerous bone breaks and torn ligaments. I am very grateful to the hospital’s trauma team for making that call.

I had broken both the ulna and radius (in several pieces), a carpal bone, and messed up a few other things. The last time I saw my wrist after the accident, it had an unnatural “S” shape. The trauma team had done some prep work when I was admitted by splinting the wrist back to where things should be. Thankfully, I wasn’t awake for that procedure.

If I am remembering correctly, it took about four hours to piece my left wrist and hand back together. I have three incisions on my left wrist where the repairs were made. I also have new hardware holding it all together. After surgery my hand was wrapped in a soft, but immovable cast. I was able to move my arm at the shoulder and elbow but that was it.

With both sides out of commission, I received total care for everything . . . from feeding to bathroom use I had to have help. I was not able to use the call button so they brought in a device to put near my head. I had to lean into it to call for assistance.

Having two major surgeries in one week does a number on your body. It sometimes decides to stop functioning properly. I had a few milestones I needed to achieve to be able to be transferred to a care facility. It took a almost five days to get to a place where I could be moved to a care facility. If it weren’t for a few of the nurses pulling on their years of experience, there could have been some dangerous complications. I am very grateful to the medical community that has cared for me.

P.S. I lost my job because of the accident. My former employer did set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses.

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