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Our dear friend, Princess Scooterpie a.k.a. @Moto_Diva (see her profile I did here) threw out a photo challenge today. “Post a picture of your favorite non-motorcycle/scooter shoes & one of your motorcycle/scooter boots/shoes.”

Blog Challenge Answered!

Here are my fave summer sandals along with one of my riding boots!

My favorite non-riding footwear and one of my riding boots!

I must confess that this is the second pair of these exact sandals that I’ve owned. Very comfortable and very colorful!


I am so glad you stopped by today! I started this blog to document my journey into motorcycling and along the way I met so many other lady riders with inspiring stories to tell I began to share theirs as well.

About the same time I started this blog I joined Twitter (@helmetorheels) and began to meet other female motorcycle riders. These ladies were so inspiring to me because I found other newbies like me to life-long experienced riders who were willing to share encouragement, tips, and their friendship. I was welcomed where I was on my journey. What an incredible community I found online to fuel my desire to ride. Fill out the contact form and let’s share your story!

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  1. Love the sandals! What brand are they? One year I found some great Clark sandals, they were so comfy I went & bought two more pairs, but in different colours.

  2. Beautiful shoes. I think sandals look the best in this challenge since they provide the most contrast with our super-protective motorcycling gear.

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