What does AARP stand for?

What does AARP stand for? “Aged” Adults Riding Proud! I’m sure this wasn’t what you were expecting! Looking at the caricatures, I believe we “aged” adults riding proud look much better in person than they do in the caricatures. Can I get an AMEN! My name is Pam and I am so glad you stopped […]

Memorial Purse in Honor of my Mom

Last week I flew into Chicago, joined my older sister on a flight to Houston to see our younger sister. My younger sister’s home flooded back in June while they were on vacation! Think Texas, June, six or so inches of standing water for a week in a house shut-up tighter than a drum. Not […]

Happiness is …

Happiness is… bugs on my helmet because it means I’ve been out riding. [picture source] Happiness is… Happiness is leaving with a full tank of gas and riding until it’s empty. Happiness is coming home sopping wet … because I wore all my gear on a 90 degree day! Happiness is when extraneous thoughts fade away […]

What to Wear!

The weather cooperated today so I finally got out on the motorcycle! Hubby was working so I rode by myself for about two hours. I live in an outer suburb of Minneapolis where the county roads are plenteous (or would it be plentiful). Either way I have many scenic roads to choose from so off I […]

Dress, Heels, and Toes!

Last weekend was my son’s wedding! Remember my post about shopping for a dress? I did find one and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be! Dress, Heels, and Toes! Enough about me, shopping and my dress! I want to share a little about my new daughter-in-law. I’ve always said if you […]

Maiden Voyage to Work … and Home!

I rode the motorcycle to work for the first time today! My maiden voyage to work … and home! It was incredible! The trip is about 12 miles one way on county roads averaging 50 mph. The morning air was cool going that fast, but very comfortable. And I didn’t have nearly the bad helmet […]

I Want to LOOK like a Woman on my Motorcycle!

My first riding jacket is a man’s because I have long arms! I Want to LOOK like a Woman on my Motorcycle! Most women’s clothing usually runs short in the sleeves. I was willing to live with this … I Want to LOOK like a Woman on my Motorcycle! I love Twitter … track with […]

Shopping Detour!

I’d like to take a little detour from all things motorcycle to rant about that fact I need a dress from my son’s wedding in 25 days. I’ve been so out of the mood to shop for clothes {see my March 27 post}. Shopping Detour! In the past my daughter has been my shopping partner; […]