I did The Color Run 5K!

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This past Sunday was The Color Run 5K I talked about back in January. A bunch of coworkers, a few spouses, and friends formed a team. It was so much fun!! There had to be a few thousand out there. Trying to find the actual number of participants!

The Color Run 5K

Here are a few shots I took.

The Color Run 5K - The Starting Line
The Starting Line

I look like I fake-baked that “tan” but it is just the orange color they threw!

The Color Run 5K - Me and my friend after the race!
Me and my friend after the race!

Throughout the Color Run 5K race there are different color stations set-up with volunteers who throw color at you! Below is a picture of a color blast they do at the end of the race … just in case you didn’t get enough color during the run!

The Color Run 5K - End of Race Color Blast!
Color Blast!
Here's the group at the finish line!
Here’s the group at the finish line!

I’d definitely like to do that again next year! I highly recommend this event even if you don’t run. It is not a timed event and many people walked the route.

If you want to really get an idea of what The Color Run 5K is all about, check out the TCR Twin Cities Facebook photos!

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the run. I think the powdered color thing would have driven me up the wall. I don’t do well with airborne powder. But glad you enjoyed it! Next the 10K then the half marathon then the full then the ultra. Nothing to stop you now!

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