John Deere meets Harley

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If you live in the upper Midwest you know there is a love of John Deere machines. Here is a custom motorcycle highlighting both brands. Crazy! I’m thinking they could sell a lot of these in the Midwest!

John Deere meets Harley

I would love to have a custom bike! It would definitely have to have a lot of chrome and maybe pink! Would you ride a John Deere meets Harley kind of motorcycle?

@helmetorheels blogger Pam

Pam here, and I’m so delighted you came by today. I started this blog to chronicle my introduction to riding a motorcycle, but as I went along, I met so many other female riders who had wonderful tales to share that I started sharing theirs as well.

I joined Twitter (@helmetorheels) at the same time I launched this blog and started networking with other female motorcycle riders. I met other rookies to lifelong seasoned riders who were willing to provide encouragement, advice, and their relationship with me, which is why these women were so motivating to me. Wherever I was on my journey, I was welcomed. What a wonderful community I discovered online to fuel my passion for riding.

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