The numbers don’t lie!

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I think I originally heard, “The numbers don’t lie” on the Biggest Loser. Sounds like something Jillian Michaels would say at a weigh-in. It’s also something that I’ve been wrestling with when looking at my diet and exercise verses the scale.

For the most part I eat healthy: low sugar, lots of veggies and fruit, complex carbs, and lean meat. Since the beginning of the year I’ve exercising five to six days a week mostly to prepare for the Color Run 5K in July. You’d think there would be physical changes as a result, but nothing … nada … zilch.

So, rather than feel defeated I called in reinforcements. Enter BodyMedia Fit. It is an on-body arm band that collects a bunch of data that you sync with your computer and see the results online. I set-up goals, entered my activity level, and started recording my meals.

The Number don't lie - Arm band, computer dashboard, and phone app interface.
Arm band, computer dashboard, and phone app interface.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

What a revelation to find out that what I thought was effective aerobic levels only registered as moderate! What?! This arm band is rather accurate so I couldn’t argue with it; I had to increase my workout to get into the vigorous (higher METs) to be able to hit my goals.

Well, let me tell you in one week recording and making sure I hit my goals the scaled moved … down two pounds. Yay!! This is an incredible tool if you believe you are doing the right things but nothing is changing like I was experiencing. I want to live healthy and BodyMedia Fit is helping me get there.

P.S. I just completed week 6 day 3 of my C25K training.

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8 Responses

  1. Wow, you go girl!!

    I need to ramp up my activity levels, but with getting up at 4 am and being in bed by 9 pm we don’t seem to have the walking time after dinner anymore.

    1. I hear you! The alarm goes off around 5:15 a.m. and some nights I don’t get into bed until 10:30 p.m. or so. I’m trying to be more consistent with all things – eating, exercising, and sleeping. It takes all three to stay healthy!

  2. Great little tool. I’ve been using the Jawbone UP. Really like it, but their food database is too focused on fast food. And having to calculate my own dinners at home is cumbersome. Oh well. Excuses… But I’m really glad it is working for you!!! I love just seeing the steps I walk per day. 🙂

    1. Beemer Girl – I’ve not heard of the Jawbone UP. This one is fairly easy with entering food that’s not listed. You can even create your own recipe and it figures out the totals for you. Step on!

      1. i like the idea of being able to enter the recipe and it figures it out for you. I have to enter the recipe in a program. And I am mighty lazy when it comes to that. 🙂

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