Why Women Should Not Ride Motorcycles Myths

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Women are frequently told that motorcycles are only for men. Why Women Should Not Ride Motorcycles Myths are about to be BUSTED! Gender bias can be found in a variety of settings, including schools, sports, and workplaces. We’ll look at five of the most common myths of why women should not ride and see if they’re true.

Why Women Should Not Ride Motorcycles Myths – BUSTED!

Myth #1: Women are not physically capable of handling a motorcycle

Busted! The size of the motorcyclist or motorcycle is irrelevant here. When it comes to riding a motorcycle, women are just as capable as men. For years, short, slight built men have ridden any motorbike they choose. Why should a woman be treated differently? With the proper training, any size female can (and will) ride any size motorcycle. 

Let us not dismiss common sense and claim that being functionally fit is unimportant. Do not ride a motorcycle if you are not physically capable of doing so. This isn’t about being a cross-country racer. We’re talking about being able to safely get on and off a motorcycle. Women, regardless of physical strength, can ride just as well as men.

Why Women Should Not Ride Motorcycles Myths

Myth #2: Women are incapable of handling the speed and dangers of motorcycle riding

Busted! Women can handle the speed and danger of motorcycle riding just as well as men. There have been women riding motorcycles since the industry’s inception. Women, like any other experienced rider who has received training and wearing proper gear, can handle the rigors of motorcycle riding just as well as men.

The aspects of speed and danger are not gender specific. The same can be said for driving a car. It is more of a mental focus than a physical one. Being capable of monitoring the environment around you and making decisions quickly is the key. Being a good driver is not gender specific.

Myth #3: Women are not mechanically inclined, so they are incapable of maintaining a motorcycle

Busted! Being mechanically inclined is NOT required for either a woman or a man to ride a motorcycle. Basic motorcycle or vehicle maintenance can be learned. There are plenty of male motorcyclists who have no idea how to service their own bike (or vehicle), so why should a woman be barred from riding for not being mechanically inclined?

Motorcycle maintenance issues are not gender specific. Both men and women should be familiar with the fundamentals of their motorcycles and how to maintain them. Whether you service your own motorcycle or bring it in for service, knowing when things should be checked is important. If you don’t know how to maintain your motorcycle, there are numerous books and websites available to teach you – for both men and women! And knowing a good mechanic is essential for everyone!

Myth #4: All female motorcycle riders have a bad reputation

Busted! Riding a motorcycle is not an indicator of character. Women who ride motorcycles are just as capable of being good, moral, upstanding citizens as men who ride motorcycles. Just as a man can be a good, upstanding citizen without ever owning a car, so can a woman. Ride what appeals to you, when it suits you, and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from having fun. 

This social stigma against female motorcycle riders is simply false. It’s fueled by Hollywood and those who objectify women. Women who ride motorcycles are just like the rest of us – daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and friends. Don’t be swayed by those who only think negatively about female motorcycle riders; instead, be the woman who exudes confidence and class on the road.

Myth #5: A motorcycle is too complicated for a woman to operate

Busted! Some people believe that riding a motorcycle is too difficult for a woman. The truth is that a woman can ride, learn, and operate a motorcycle just as well as a man. The best way to improve your skills, whether you’re a man or a woman, is to ask questions when necessary and practice in a safe environment until you’re comfortable handling the motorcycle.

Here’s a long-held myth that needs to be debunked once and for all: A woman isn’t as intelligent as a man to handle the complexities of (fill in the blank). Women are just as intelligent as men, and they are equally capable of learning the complexities of a motorcycle. Look around and you’ll see women in every industry, from astrophysics to business ownership to raising the next generation at home, she is intelligent, capable, and successful regardless of gender.

Why Women Should Not Ride Motorcycles Myths – Totally BUSTED!

Why Women Should Not Ride Motorcycles Myths

There you have it! Women should ride motorcycles because they are just as capable of riding, operating, and enjoying motorcycles as men. Women can ride any motorcycle they choose and have just as much fun doing so. The only thing that matters is that a woman is comfortable riding, and with the right training and equipment, riding a motorcycle is something that she can do. 

Regardless of gender, there are numerous benefits to riding motorcycles. Not only does it improve your health but it also boosts your confidence, saves you money on gas, and can even save you time. It’s unfortunate that women are frequently told to avoid such a fun and exciting mode of transportation as motorcycle riding. But with the right education and encouragement, women can ride motorcycles!


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