Would you ride a Monocycle?

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Kerry McLean is one very talented man! I’d sure like to give this a try! Closed course for sure!

Would you ride a Monocycle?

Would you ride a Monocycle?

I’m not sure if the monocycle is roadworthy. After watching the video, it appears that it is difficult to see the road ahead of you. This creates a slew of issues. The monocycle appears to drift within the lane, but this could be due to the pilot rather than the machine. It appears difficult to see when it is out in traffic among other vehicles. Last but not least, I didn’t see any brake lights or turn signals. Is it because the concept is still too new?

Creativity is off the charts to come up with this concept! Though, in my opinion still a little early to be road ready. If you would like more history of the Monocycle check out McLean’s Story!

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