Another New Experience, Make that Two

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Happy day! Hubby was off this past weekend. It only happens (mostly) every other weekend. We usually try to pack a lot into those days off together. This past weekend was no different. We knew that Sunday we were having a friend over so that meant Saturday would be our riding day.

Another New Experience, Make that Two

We woke to chilly temperatures so we waited until 11 a.m. to head out. Hubby is the navigator – trust me you’d never want to follow me because I get lost in the parking lot! But I digress … we headed out on a new route to our favorite lunch spot, Romayne’s in Taylor Falls.

It started out as a lovely ride. The sun was out, the roads were clear, and the bike was running great! We were about 10 minutes into the ride when I began to notice the wind. I was thinking it was because we were out riding in some open areas, but the further we rode I realized we were riding in some pretty strong wind.

I was never so happy to see the sign welcoming us to Taylor Falls! We parked the bikes and off to lunch we went. After a leisurely lunch we headed home. In town the wind didn’t seem so bad. I was hoping it was dying down, but that was wishful thinking. Not a mile or two out of town I could feel the blast of wind.

It was the strangest wind ever. It came after us in all directions! The cross wind would cause me to feel like I was leaning into a turn on a straight away and then it would suddenly shift to other direction. Talk about needing to be focused while riding.

I’d like to stop and thank the many unknown vehicle drivers around me. There were a few that crept up my backside, but for the most part they had my six and gave me space. One guy in a Cadillac passed us, in my opinion, rather recklessly. Again, he was the exception not the rule. I’m guessing from the rear you could tell I was being tossed around.

Back to the wind. One of our first rides out this year we face some pretty stiff wind, but it was constant and from one direction. The wind we faced Saturday was incredibly shifty and strong. We never seemed to get it to our backs, ever!

When we arrived home I checked the weather and we were experiencing 20 – 25 mph wind gusts. Yup, I concur strong winds. Well chalk that ride up to a new experience. I was very thankful to arrive home safe and sound.

Another New Experience, Make that Two - VStrom

We were planning on heading out again to church since the winds seemed to be calming down. I was pulling my VStrom out of the garage when I lost my footing and fell over. Yes. I kept the motorcycle upright in the 20+ mph wind gusts, but couldn’t back it out onto the driveway. (Why don’t motorcycles have reverse?) Crunch went the left turn signal.

A small bruise on my knee, a $63 replacement part, and an ego that is crushed about sums up the situation as hubby rescued me and the fallen motorcycle. Church will wait until tomorrow morning as hubs is putting the pieces together again.

P.S. We did ride Sunday to church with no incidences and winds were clocked at 3 mph.


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11 Responses

  1. Sounds like a tough ride, congrats for getting back in one piece. As to the dropping it, dont beat yourself up, it happens to us all at least once, and to some of us a lot more than that.

  2. I’ve had friends riding across the plains that have said similar things about some winds. I’m glad you made it through. Sorry to hear about the “lean”. I learned the same thing with my old s50. Hehe

  3. I know what you mean about the winds, I’ve struck some winds lately and shifting or gusty are the worst. I’m glad you had some sensible motorists around you who understood that it was not a ride in the park for you and didnt crowd you, hate when they do that.

    Dont worry bout dropping the baby I’ve done it a few times now … three times the very first day I rode her, and I’ve decided not to buy a new indicator til I’m sure I’ve gotten over it … it happens to everyone … well nearly everyone, hubby hasnt dropped his, just mine!

  4. Gusty winds have got to be the worst stuff. We had that coming from from the IMBC. The last 30-40 miles were frightening with the cross winds swirling around us.

    Bummer the bike took a nap. I think it was just tired from all the wind. When they go down, they go down fast. Glad you were at a stand still when it happened, less damage that way. Funny when people say it isn’t a matter or ‘if’ you drop the bike, but ‘when’ they are correct.

  5. Aww, crap 🙁

    Sorry you dropped your bike and bruised your knee. That always sucks and… at least in my case, you feel like a complete ass when it happens.

    Glad you made it home safe and sound.

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