Let’s Ride

I bought Sonny Barger’s book “Let’s Ride” after Biker Chick News and The Many Thoughts of HarleyGirl recommended reading it. Thanks ladies! When it arrived I was in the middle of several other books that I wanted to finish before giving my attention to Barger’s book. Let’s Ride This week I finally began reading the book and […]

One goal completed!

At today’s class the weather was again very cool, rainy, and windy. Thankfully the rain stopped after an hour or two. Most of the skills that we would be learning today were the skills we would be tested on at the end of the class. We drove around the perimeter to experience riding over 2 x 4s […]

I’ve Been Bitten by the Motorcycle Bug!

I’ve been bitten by the motorcycle bug! Oh my gosh! I learned to ride today and spent five hours on a motorcycle in the rain! The class was through a local technical college and put on my the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. There were eleven of us and most were first time riders. The two instructors […]

Start Seeing Motorcycles

Start Seeing Motorcycles I’ve seen this “Start Seeing Motorcyclists!” sticker on vehicles for years and today I finally found out where you get one – at a Motorcycle Basic Skills class taught by instructors from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation! I spent the evening learning all sorts of things about motorcycling. We went through the manual […]

11 Hours and Counting

Tonight’s the night! The day has finally arrived for my Motorcycle Basic Skills class. 11 Hours and Counting I feel like a kid again waiting for the first day of school. Only older, much older! According to the registration papers I need to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the class. Apparently once the class […]

Count Down to my Class

Count Down to my Class – Five days until my first Basic Skills Motorcycle class! The Spring weather in Minnesota has been mild and warm only adding to the desire to get out on a motorcycle! Well, after I buy one. My brother-in-law chuckled when he heard about my next goal, but showed his support […]

Are you becoming the best you can be?

There are so many new friends that I’m making because of this journey of mine. I like it. I’m very thankful for all the advice I’m getting on all things motorcycle from either comments here, through Twitter, or other motorcyclists. It is fantastic! Cyber hugs for all! Are you becoming the best you can be? […]

Sign-up for class: Check. Helmet: Check.

Sign-up for class: Check. Helmet: Check. I needed a helmet for my motorcycle basic skills class so my hubby took me shopping and I found one! I learned a lot during the process. Let me tell you. First of all, I found out that my hair does not do well when I put on and take […]

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

What’s Wrong with this Picture? I am a newbie to all things motorcycle, yet even I know that helmet is on wrong! It did get me thinking about taking time to get experience and talk with people in the know. My class is still over a month away, but any chance I get I  glean […]

Times have changed, have you?

Thankfully times have changed, have you? My husband started teaching me how to ride about 30 years ago. The timing wasn’t right for me to get a license, we ended up moving and sold the bike. Not to mention back in the 70s only “those” women rode motorcycles! Times have changed, have you? Now that […]