Good-bye Faithful Friend & Dog

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A couple of weeks ago we had to unexpectedly say good-bye to our faithful friend and dog, Abby.

Abby, faithful friend and dog
Abby, faithful friend and dog

We knew someday it would happen, just not that day!

From Puppy to Faithful Friend

Our family first met her when my son brought her home at four weeks.

Faithful friend Abby 4 weeks
Abby at 4 weeks old

A neighbor down the block was giving away puppy dogs because the mother stopped nursing. There were 11 puppies and this is the one my son brought home. Convincing hubby and me that he’ll take care of her we decided to keep her. Our son kept his end of the bargain.

Faithful friend Abby 11 weeks

In fact, my son chose the dog over getting a summer job and saving for a car. Looking back now that was the best decision ever!

Faithful friend and hubby
Kitty (her nickname) loved to hold paws!

Abby was nicknamed Kitty after the family watch Monsters Inc.Guess Who Came to Visit? Like the monster called Kitty by the little girl in the movie Abby grew rather HUGE so we started calling her Kitty!

Now over 12 years later we bid our faithful friend and dog farewell. Hearts heavy.

Abby's paw print
Abby’s paw print


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  1. I was so sorry to hear of her passing. Pets really are family members and take a piece of our hearts with them when they go. At least they let us love them while they are here.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of Abby’s passing. I would say something sappy, like think of the Rainbow Bridge. But that never comforts me when I start to missing my fur-babies. Hugs to you and hubby. I know she is in your hearts. And you in hers.

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