How Popular is Motorcycling in Your State?

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How Popular is Motorcycling in Your State – I found this infographic over at and I had to share because I was surprised where my state was on the list. Minnesota is number eleven! Minnesota land of two seasons winter and road construction.

How Popular is Motorcycling in Your State?

Where does your state fall, are you surprised? More or less than you expected? I did not expect to see Hawaii near the bottom – at 48 and only above Vermont and Mississippi!

How Popular is Motorcycling in Your State?
How Popular is Motorcycling in Your State?

Why do you think some of these states rated so low? It can’t be the weather! Like I said Minnesota is listed at #11 and we don’t have a long riding season.

Did you catch the “Top 100 Motorcycle Roads” with California as number one! No surprise there with year-round riding and beautiful country-side.

Now it is time for you to weigh-in on the popularity of your state and how are the roads for motorcycling? Any hidden treasures you’d like to share? And while you are sharing, how about doing a gal a favor and share your story! Fill out the contact form and let’s connect. Ride safe!


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  1. I’m not surprised bythe numbers for my State of Florida. We are coming into what I consider the off-season- summer. Although hubby and I still plan early morning rides before the heat & rain get started. We really don’t have an off season here.

  2. Sorry we dont have States here.New Zealand is too small. Good for riding motorcycles on and off road though.I think the South Island is the more scenic,with the Southern Alps in the background. Of course I would say that living here 🙂

  3. Our ranking (NY – 7th) accords with my observation on the street. The good news is we have lots of riders; the bad news is we don’t have great roads (until you venture upstate) and our season is limited. For a fun ride, we usually leave the state and head north (CT/MA) or west (PA).

  4. It is surprising that Minnesota ranks so high in the number of motorcyclists! We in Women On Wheels® see that as well. I’m not sure of the number of our members in each of the states, but I do know that Minnesota ranks very high. I did a quick check of some of our stats and comparing Minnesota with the top two states for riders, according to this chart, I came up some interesting numbers too.

    California has four chapters, two participating dealers and members representing 66 cities/towns. Colorado has two chapters, no participating dealers and members representing 22 cities/towns. Minnesota has four chapters, six participating dealers and members in 62 cities/towns!
    While I know this is not a scientific measurement, by any stretch of the imagination, it does show that Minnesota ranks pretty much with California in just a glimpse of the stats.

    A chapter could have 10 members or 200 and the cities represented could have one member or 300. But still, Minnesota looks like it could compare with the number one state according to our organization. It would be interesting to conduct a more scientific study and just see how many members we have per state. In my spare time….

    The number of miles ridden in 2012 by states in Women On Wheels® (WOW) is pretty interesting too!
    California WOW members rode 126,217 miles.
    Colorado WOW members rode 191,936 miles.
    Minnesota WOW members rode 103,712 miles! Not bad for the land of two winters and road construction!

    Again, the numbers here represented could mean that a rider rode 10 miles or 20,000 miles. Still, it is indicative of what the members are doing in those states.

    Here is what I can never figure out. As a Florida native, living in Georgia, which are two states we can pretty much ride all year, the WOW miles are fairly low. Florida – 64,608 miles and Georgia – 66,656 miles.
    Our WOW state that has come in first for the last seven or eight years is Missouri with 364,119 miles! WOW! I wonder how they do that?

  5. I was amazed that Alaska is just behind MN (and way before OR!). Seems odd. If it’s bikes per person than maybe I can see why the numbers may be a little skewed. People don’t take all of their stuff with them when they leave so quite a few bike “collectors” around here.

  6. MD is right in the middle, I’m not surprised. As far as seasons I think it depends on the individual person. 40° is pretty much my low temperature limit for rides yet my husband will ride in any weather except for snow and/or ice.

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