What we have here is a failure to communicate!

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This is a pretty humorous view on failure to communicate between a man and a woman. Enjoy!

Failure to Communicate

As funny as this video is not communicating clearly can be dangerous when motorcycling. If you are riding pillion, it is always in everyone’s best interest to devise a nonverbal communication system (unless you have bluetooth). Even before riding in a group decide on a few basic hand signals so you are all on the same page!

I found some great advice on communication written by Liz Jansen. She is also a motorcyclist and you can read her profile here.

Failure to communicate - take what you need

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  1. We saw this on Facebook the other night and had a chuckle.

    We have a few friends, both men and women that want to vent all the time, but don’t want any suggestions for solutions.

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