Minnesota Blogger Conference 2012 part 1

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Minnesota Blogger Conference 2012, part 1

This past Saturday I attended the third annual Minnesota Blogger Conference 2012 part 1 for free! Okay, the tickets were free because of the wonderful event sponsors (listed below).

The conference offered a variety of breakout sessions, the keynote speaker was a former local newscaster, Rick Kupchella, and the conference closed with a podcasting panel.

Did I mention we were also served a complimentary breakfast and a baked potato buffet for lunch?

I met a few other bloggers but no other motorcyclists – female or male. There were quite a few serious bloggers working the room and networking. Not me. I sat with a friend who writes a corporate blog and has a personal blog as well. I spent the day enjoying the time with my friend and learning some things along the way.

Minnesota Blogger Conference 2012 part 1

I’m technologically illiterate and a novice blogger so I really didn’t know which sessions to attend. I followed my friend into the “Blogging to be Found and Hired” session. It was presented by a knowledgeable woman, Sara Kerr, but not what I was expecting.

I should have read the description because I’m not in the job market right now (I really enjoy the team I work with and the company). To sum it up in a few sentences: You are a brand. Build it. Protect it.

For those of you job hunting, Sara recommended checking out your e-reputation by Googling your name, looking over your personal web site(s), and finding yourself socially online. How would a potential employer react to what was found? Is it a positive online presence? Good personal branding? Or do you have some work to do to reverse a negative image?

She also recommended not revealing too much personal information online by using email not a phone number for contact purposes. Also, let your family and friends know what not to post about you. Do you want personal pictures tagged with you or your children? Even if things are taken down, once they’ve been posted it is really never gone! Check your privacy settings so you can control what is public.

Sara also addressed what blogging can do for the job seeker. It can establish your expertise. Demonstrate your writing skills. Affirm your knowledge of social media. Connect you to influencers. Validate your knowledge of current trends and news. Position you as a source of information. Distinguish you from other job seekers.

This is just a brief overview from my notes of what Sara shared during her session. Again, I’m not in the job market, but I wanted to share what I heard with those that may currently be looking or just beginning the search. This week I will be blogging about the other sessions I attended.

Sara Kerr can be found on Twitter @Sara_G_N_Kerr and writes a blog Sara-Kerr.com.

There’s my summary of Minnesota Blogger Conference 2012 part 1. Please give these generous sponsor’s some love!

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Here is a summary of the second session I attended.

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10 Responses

  1. Thanks for the fantastic summary! I should have noted that maintaining a positive online brand is good for the happily employed, as well. Your social media savvy and writing skills reflect positively on your employer, too.

    PS Yamaha Virago

  2. Sounds like an interesting time.

    I am a hobby blogger,. I couldn’t imagine doing it professionally or for profit.

    I can definitely see the merits of keeping a good online profile. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mother to read right? Good thing my mom has a good sense of humor 🙂

  3. Though I didn’t see you there (at least that I remember) I also attended the conference. Thanks for your summary of this presentation because I wanted to go to it but chose another session instead. I love reading other people’s takes on the conference!

  4. A bloggers conference? How much fun would that be ?!?!?

    Great advice there even if you arent looking for work in the feild, I do try to make sure I’m not posting information that I wouldn’t be happy for complete strangers to know. I had never thought that I was projecting an ‘online brand’. Or that employers would be looking at me online. Makes me think even more before hitting the post button.

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