Profile of a Female Motorcyclist Meet Kathy

Wife, mom, grandmother, motorcyclist, and blogger.

My next guest is another woman who stopped by the blog and left a comment on one of the profiles (hint, hint ladies). I made contact with her and she agreed to help me out! So I’d like to introduce to you Profile of a Female Motorcyclist Meet Kathy a.k.a. ToadMama from Warrenton, VA! She has two blogs, a Moto-blog Appalachian Tours and a personal, catch-all blog ToadMama’s Interstitial Space. Check them out!

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist Meet Kathy

How long have you been riding a motorcycle?

Got my license at 18. Rode for a few years then stopped when responsibility/real-life knocked. I always missed riding, though. So I took it up again about 10 years ago.

How did you learn to ride?

I taught myself. Back then, I didn’t know there was any other way. The salesman who sold me my first bike rode it home for me. I got my learner’s permit and rode it around the neighborhood for a couple of months.

I had a neighbor who already had his license that told me what the licensing course consisted of, so I practiced those maneuvers, too. I think I only did one or two rides beyond the neighborhood, with a licensed buddy, before taking the licensing test.

I was one of very few people to pass it on my first attempt. That was awesome enough, but being a girl and doing that, while all the guys immediately before and after me failed, was even better.

What was your first motorcycle?

A Honda Rebel 250

How many motorcycles have you owned?

Four. The Rebel, a V-Star 650, a V-Star 1300, and a BMW F650GS, which is my current ride.

Why did you want to ride a motorcycle?

Because it was fun. I had a couple of guy friends in high school that carried me around as a passenger on rare occasions. I loved it.

Tell us about your riding.

Pleasure and vacation. I work from home, so there’s no commuting. When I ride, it’s just for fun. We (Hubby and I) do take overnight trips periodically, but have three dogs, so day trips are more common.

What advice do you have for women who ride or want to ride a motorcycle?

Do it! Take the MSF safety course. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with a bike, get the feel for riding, learn the principles of safety, things to watch out for on the road, etc. Who knew manhole covers could be threatening, directional arrows are dangerous, watching what’s behind you can save your life, etc.

Oh, and don’t start too small. You want to be comfortable and build confidence, but I quickly realized my little bikes just weren’t fast/powerful enough for me. Of course, I am tall so don’t have the seat-height issue many women have to deal with.

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist Meet Kathy
Kathy, her hubby, and her rides!

What is the longest trip that you’ve taken on your cycle?

Um, probably our trip from Maryland down to the Smoky Mountains. Either that or the ride we did down through West Virginia, into Virginia and then Kentucky. I’d always wanted to see a bit of the real Appalachia. It was great riding.

Do you belong to any motorcycle groups?

Nope. Well, that’s a lie. There’s the BMW MOA, but I am not exactly an active member. They have a great magazine, which I read religiously, but I am not into the group thing. Sometimes I think that’s because I have a husband who also rides, so I am not always out there riding alone.

Other times I realize it’s more likely because the whole club thing is too regimented for me. I love people, really. And I can be quite sociable. But enforced meetings? Largish group rides? Nah. Plus, there always seems to be one person in groups like that who is a real asshole, has a personality that grates on my nerves, etc. I prefer building my own little group of friends.

Do you have a favorite riding story?

I’ve had lots of great rides over the years, but whenever someone asks about my “favorite riding story,” I invariably think back to our first motorcycle trip to Europe (a group tour). The riding is very different over there. People actually respect motorcyclists. Cars and trucks expect you to pass. They don’t try and run you off the road, they actually encourage it.

Our group was going up one of the major pass roads, the sort that are full of switchbacks and hairpin turns. Because of all the turns, opportunities to pass are few. You have to seize the opportunity when you can. So after being stuck behind a car for several turns, when I saw an opportunity to pass, I took it.

The “window” was narrow. I zipped past the car just in time to lean into yet another hairpin turn. It was very smooth, like the passing and turning were all one motion. That was sweet enough. But then later, when we stopped atop the pass to savor the views, a guy who’d been riding behind me was gushing a bit about the move I’d made (my turn) and how cool it was. It was pretty awesome.

What do you do when you’re not riding?

Work. Ugh, which takes up way more time than it should. I write proposals for a clinical research organization (CRO). A CRO is not a pharmaceutical company, but we provide many of the services pharma companies need to run clinical trials.

It’s interesting, but also very stressful. Always a deadline, never enough time to get everything done, and unpredictable days. Riding certainly helps de-stress from that. Your mind cannot wander too much while riding.

Photography and reading are my biggest hobbies. I can’t forget blogging, which is actually sort of time consuming. I dabble a bit in sewing, too. And gardening (flowers). I’ve got three dogs that are my constant companions.

And a husband. One or the other of us (usually him) always seem to have a home DIY project going on.

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  1. Hi Kathy, nice to see your profile here, and I enjoyed checking out your blog 🙂 Good on ya for being the only person in your class to pass first time when you got your licence!!

  2. YAY Kathy. I have followed Kathy’s moto-blog for quite a while now and I always enjoy what she has to say and all of her great photographs.

    I loved your sum up of group rides. I think that explains how I feel too. Now one day we just have to get over to your neck of the woods so we can actually meet in person.

  3. Hey, neighbor! Great story! If you guys are ever near Maysville, KY I am right across the Ohio River! Would love to ride out your way too! Especially the Blue Ridge Parkway area…
    Ride on!

  4. Hi Kathy! Love reading your blog! Nice to read about your riding adventures and life. It is so fascinating to meet other female riders.

  5. How do you like the F650GS? I am thinking about that one really hard for my next street bike, so I can start playing off the pavement and explore all those roads that would be murder on a supersport.

  6. Thanks, all! I’m honored to be included among such a great group of profiles.

    Miss Busa, I LOVE my GS. It’s not a huge monster of a bike but has more than enough get up and go. I love the light weight (less than 500 pounds). And with the gas tank under the seat, the center of gravity is very low, so you can flick through the twisties with ease. I wish I would have bought one years ago.

  7. “Why did you want to ride a motorcycle?”
    >> Because it was fun.

    Best reason I’ve heard so far 🙂

    Great job on the profile, Kathy!

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