St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway!

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I received a handwritten note in the mail from a friend of mine. Wow! What a beautiful expression of friendship. She wrote a short encouraging note “just because!” I was having a good day and that just sent me over the top!

St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway!

I try to send personal notes to family and friends as I think of them. I know how special it makes me feel when I find a card in the mail so I want to spread that joy too! This got me thinking about another giveaway idea … two sets of three awesome note cards! Take a look:

St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!
Set 1 of three blank greeting cards
St. Patrick's Day Giveaway! set 2
Set 2 of three blank greeting cards

These six cards are sold as a set from Derin International. I’m splitting them into two sets for the giveaway! The card stock {4 3/4″ x 6 1/2″} and envelope {5″ x 7″} are ivory linen. The front of the cards have a miniature woven carpet replica {my camera didn’t do justice to the gorgeous colors} that can be removed to use as a decorative coaster. The inside of the cards are blank – ready for your personal message!

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment about when you either received a handwritten note card that really touched you or sent one! I’ll be picking the two winners on St. Patrick’s Day at 8 p.m. CST!

The winner {picked using} will be notified by email. {Limited to US addresses.}

Giveaway is CLOSED.

And the Winners are announced here.

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  1. On Friday I received a postcard bearing my daughter’s middle school return address. When I flipped the card over, I found a lovely, sweet note—handwritten, of course—from Eden’s math teacher praising my daughter for making the effort to phone and get help with her homework.

    Our teachers do so much for our children already, so I was deeply touched that she used her precious time to write this note.

    The art of writing notes to people has been replaced by typed notes via email. I myself am guilty of this; my mother is a fabulous writer-of-notes-and-letters, and I often wish I could get back in the habit. Perhaps this post will inspire me, for which I thank you!

  2. Hi! I saw your promotion and posted it on, encouraging our fans to enter. And I sweetened the deal a little with a free set of Paper Mate Biodegradable pens to the first 10 people who comment on our post. Handwritten notes makes such a great gift – and you’re right, there’s nothing like the handwritten word to connect with someone you care about. Thanks for the fun giveaway! ~Susan

  3. My sons’ grandma is very creative and send them handmade cards for every occasion. She lives in the same town as we do, but sends them in the mail anyway. The boys are always happy that THEY are the ones getting mail.

  4. My son just left for Navy Boot camp 4 weeks ago and I was bawling when I got his first note on military letterhead. I have been sending him notes of encouragement every week and can’t wait to see him!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful idea of free pens.
    my Twin sent me a handwriten note on note cards that her hubby had made from his paintings, for our 50th birthday.

    1. Angela – the pen giveaway is on Papermate’s Facebook page. I’m giving away note cards to people who comment about when you either received a handwritten note card that really touched you or sent one!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Many years ago, I had a penpal from Korea and she used to send me hand-painted note cards. The were absolutely beautiful, and done in water colors. It is a nice memory. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Such a good idea – those look pretty enough to frame!

    Notes to people in your life is such a good idea. I can’t wait for my kids to be able to read – then I can give them notes!

  8. Hello… This is an old saying from my grandmother, ” If you put it on paper…you better mean it”. I still live by that. Now, in our era… that to goes for messages we send out via internet. I do still love hand written notes, and know how far more personal they are. I slid one in my grandmothers v-day card (I’ve been single for 8 months) letting her know how much her strength, love & support has helped me through these last months and 36 years. That meant far more then the Hallmark Card it was in. Your cards are beautiful and they seem the perfect size for a personal note. Thank you for reading & I agree they are pretty enough for a frame.

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