What States have you visited?

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What states have you visited? Most of us know “R & D” stands for research and develop. Marketing people would say R & D stands for research and duplicate. Watch when new product hits the market, before you know it you begin to see their competition with a similar product. Yes. That is R & D. Don’t believe me? Snuggy. How many clones are out there now? Yup. That’s marketing R & D at its best.

So what’s my point? Have you been to Visited States Map? You click all the states you have visited and it generates a map that you can download. Here’s mine.

The States I have visited.

I would have created a map of the states I’ve been to on my motorcycle but that would have been lack-luster because it is only one. Well, I did cross the border into Wisconsin once, but I really didn’t “ride” the roads.

Back to R & D … this map thingy wasn’t my idea … I found it over onย Adventurous Wanderingsย (I found Amy because she just started following my blog) who saw it on BikerMonkey who saw it on My Ride Blog. Kind of a blogging R & D. I now have three more blogs to check out and a desire to start a map with the states I’ve rode my motorcycle through!

How many states have you visited? If you are like Voni she has rode her motorcycle in 50 states and internationally! She’s rode over ONE MILLION MILES on her motorcycle!

Check out Visited States Map and let me know when you post your map. Cheers!

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13 Responses

  1. Too funny. Great minds think alike as I made two of these, visited vs ridden, when we returned from Ohio last month. I’ll see if I can find them and post up.

    What’s the second state/province that you think will go on your riding map? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’d post up a map, but I think either would be quite sad looking.

    I’ve ridden in Oregon and Idaho and pillion in California and as far as just traveling it would only be 4 unless I counted states visited when I was 10 and we drove to Chicago with the grandparent to see relatives.

    I need to get out more, lol.

  3. That’s a cool idea. Back before the Internet, riders used to wear similar cloth patches filled in with colored marker.

    I’ve done a lot of travelling on my motorcycles and have kept records of every trip. Last I checked, I’d been to 32 states and Canada by bike. It’s fun to see how much we’ve done.

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