Planning for my Winter Projects

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The weather these last few days has been chilly and windy. No denying that winter is on its way to Minnesota. And it has me planning for my winter projects.

Ours days are getting shorter with the sun setting just a little past 6:30 p.m. And my motorcycle is beginning to collect dust sitting in the garage. I’m still hoping for another ride or two before I have to let it go for the season. Sounds like we may see 60 degrees here this weekend.

Planning for my Winter Projects

So begins the planning process to decide what homemade projects I’d like to make. Here are a few that I have on my Etsy shop.

Planning for my Winter Projects - t-shirt scarves
These are some infinity scarves I made from t-shirts.

These are an easy way to add a pop of color to a plain tee or shirt. A friend of mine wears the clip-on flower in her hair rather than on the scarf. I’m not very good with the camera so I named the colors what I think would best describe it.

This next project I crocheted this past summer one piece at a time. I didn’t really have a pattern, just saw a picture on a blog and tried to duplicate the motif. I made mine in black, grey, and white but thought it needed a pop of color so I added one red flower.

Planning for my Winter Projects - Flower Star Afghan
Flower Star Afghan

Here’s a tote bag in navy blue, teal, and white. The pattern gives an illusion of Subway tiles. This is another one I made without a pattern.

Planning for my Winter Projects - tote
Subway Tile Bag

Now off to Pinterest looking for my next project. Any suggestions? Do share! One idea I have is to crochet a neck cowl to wear motorcycling in cool weather. Something I can wear to keep the wind from coming in around my collar on my riding jacket. I’m thinking PINK!

Ladies, whether you are looking to start riding solo, a casual motorcyclist, a seasoned rider, or enjoying riding pillion you are all welcome to join in the Helmet or Heels community. I would love to share your story of motorcycling no matter where you are on the journey. It will inspire other women along the way.Catch us on Instagram @helmetorheels, Pinterest @helmetorheels or Twitter @helmetorheels – we are just getting started!

Do share if you have any ideas for me!

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  1. Cool crafts Pam, I like that special touch of red in the afghan. Neat idea.

    I think a neck cowl would be a great idea to crochet and you could even line it with fleece for extra wind protection.

    I always enjoy seeing crafts people make. My mom is constantly crocheting or knitting something but I never seem to have the time. I am still working on a cross stitching I started 6 years ago. Sigh.

    1. Thanks Trobairitz! I’ll have to see what I come up with for the cowl. Temps have been dropping fast and lots of rain too so I’m not sure if I can get out again any time soon. Boo.

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