My Motorcycling Days are Done – Game Over

My motorcycling days are done. As I’ve been reminded several times lately, four out of four neurologist said no more riding. This week I sold my bike a Suzuki 650 V-Strom. Many tears were shed. Thankfully my blog has many of my riding memories! My Motorcycling Days are Done Not sure what is on the […]

Snow, Seventies and Motorcycles

Snow, seventies, and motorcycles – it is early April here in Minnesota! The windows were open. The sound of motorbikes filled the air. I miss riding and the season has only begun!  Snow, Seventies and Motorcycles Riding Early Spring Here in Minnesota there are a few brave riders that bundle up and throw a leg […]

Helmet with a Bow for Women Riders

Helmet with a Bow for Women Riders! A must have accessory if you are going to ride a motorcycle. If I’m allowed back on a bike – with the approval of my neurologist of course – this helmet looks awesome. I want one! What helmet to you have? Do You Own More Than One Helmet? […]

‘Tis the Season to Start Motorcycling Again!

Season to Start Motorcycling Well Minnesota is starting to defrost after a long, cold, snowy winter … did I mention it has been a long, cold, snowy winter?! Seriously, it was one for the record books with so many days below zero. 53 to be exact. Will the season to start motorcycling happen? This past […]

Checking Out a Piaggio MP3 250cc Scooter

My grandson has recently updated his ride to a Piaggio MP3 250cc scooter and a new helmet! Looks like he needs to grow a bit to fit into both! Okay, maybe it is his parents that bought the Piaggio MP3 250cc scooter! They picked this up for a song. Needs a few little things, but […]

Hubby Went Down on His Motorcycle

A couple of weeks ago hubby went down on his motorcycle trying to avoid an accident with a vehicle that pulled out in front of him. I was at work and hubby called me on a borrowed cell phone. He left a voice mail telling me he went down. WHAT! Then I get a call […]

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist Meet Melissa

I have another Profile of a Female Motorcyclist Meet Melissa! We have “met” so many fabulous women through these profiles. We are a growing group and there is no mold to define us!  I’d love to keep this going giving lady riders a voice to share their stories. Whether you are more of a newbie […]

How Popular is Motorcycling in Your State?

How Popular is Motorcycling in Your State – I found this infographic over at and I had to share because I was surprised where my state was on the list. Minnesota is number eleven! Minnesota land of two seasons winter and road construction. How Popular is Motorcycling in Your State? Where does your state fall, […]

Did You Name Your Ride?

Did you name your ride? I did. I named my Suzuki 650 VStrom Suzie. I know what you’re thinking … Suzuki … Suzie. Nope. I picked Suzie because that was the name of my first best friend ever. She lived across the street from me and the same age. We did everything together. True besties! […]