Snow, Seventies and Motorcycles

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Snow, seventies, and motorcycles – it is early April here in Minnesota! The windows were open. The sound of motorbikes filled the air. I miss riding and the season has only begun! 

Snow, seventies and motorcycles
Only in Minnesota!

Snow, Seventies and Motorcycles

Riding Early Spring

Here in Minnesota there are a few brave riders that bundle up and throw a leg over their bike. Not me. I don’t have the right gear or even the experience to face the cold winter here in Minnesota.

What Seasons Do You Ride In?

Do you ride year round or seasonal? Love to hear from some ladies, especially if you ride year round in colder climates. I have heard from a few ladies that distance ride, but not from anyone that rides in the winter. Comment and let me know if you are interested in sharing your story in my profiles of female motorcyclists.

Ride safe!

Snow, seventies and motorcycles - no mosquitos yet!

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  1. It must be so hard to hear the bikes and know you can’t ride. I’ve been feeling the same. Do you have any idea what the neuro will say??
    I did get to test ride a new bike for the first time since my wreck in October. It felt great! Thinking of you as we are both grounded this spring!

    1. LB the last visit to the neurologist (2 of them) said no. Like in never. I’m holding out for my next visit. It is with a vertebral artery dissection specialist in July. And I need to hear I can stop the blood thinners.

      Hope you find a fabulous bike!!

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