4 Types of Women That Ride Motorcycles

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There are more than four types of women that ride motorcycles! In this post, we are only going to look at four female rider types. All sorts of ladies around the world have been riding motorbikes since they were invented – much to the chagrin of the men in their lives, I’m sure!

Motorcycling, like many things women have faced over the years, has been an uphill battle. BUT we “are women hear us roar in numbers too big to ignore!” (Thank you Helen Reddy – if you are not familiar with this song you need to listen to this incredible anthem.)

How did I come up with the four types of women that ride motorcycles? I looked around at the women I have met over the years and they seemed to fit in one of these categories. Again, this is not an all inclusive list or does it involves scientific deduction it is more of a broad sweep to let you know some of the reasons why and even how female motorcyclists started riding. 

4 Types Women Motorcycle Riders

4 Types of Women That Ride Motorcycles -Infographic
4 Types of Women That Ride Motorcycles

1. The Gal Who Has Been Riding Longer Than She Has Had A Driver’s License

The first gal we will look at has been riding longer than she has had a driver’s license. Old enough to walk but too young to get a driver’s license is the approximate time it all started! When exactly did she get on her first motorbike? Who knows, but she was younger than 16 years old.

What sparked the desire? She probably had a family member or friend who rode a scooter, dirt bike, or motorcycle. While watching them something inside clicked and she decided it was her turn to ride. And so she did! Then she practiced and rode whenever she could in the backyard or a field, at the cabin, or on the farm to master motorcycling. This type of women rider is relentless and determined in heart. 

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist: Meet Firdaus – she started riding at 4 years old!

2. The Mature Woman Who Scoffed At The Taboo Of Her Generation And Learned To Ride 

She is over 55, experienced, and ambitious. She did not let society define who she is and what she wants; she wanted to ride a motorcycle and so she did. Many in her generation viewed female motorcyclists as raunchy or smutty.

This woman decided to be a part of the change to show others a woman of character can and does ride motorcycles. After much convincing she got one of her guy friends (or dad or brother) to teach her the basics on his bike. Whenever she could, she rode until confident of her motorcycling ability. Then, facing a slightly more critical skills and road test, she ultimately succeeds and gets her license endorsed. Through it all her heart hasn’t hardened, it is caring and generous. 

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist Meet Liz – she has been riding for over 42 years!

3. The Pillion Who Decided It Was Time To Get Her Own Motorcycle

She sat behind her man riding pillion on his bike for many miles. She loves the thrill of being on the motorcycle riding together leaning into the turns, bracing while he slows or accelerates, and all the roads in between.

Then one day a thought hits her – can she ride on her own? The idea makes her smile, the more she thinks about it the more she wants to do it! With the support of those around her she signs up for a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course and gets her motorcycle endorsement. This lady rider is always growing, learning and inspiring many along her way. 

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist: Meet Brandy – to see how she went from pillion to solo rider!

4. The Lady Lives And Breathes All Things Motorcycling! 

Not sure how it started but her life reflects a passion for riding motorcycles. After her first solo ride she wanted to go out again and again and again all while gaining experience and confidence in her motorcycling skills.

Motorcycles, gear, and destinations are the conversation topics with her friends and other motorbike enthusiasts. This type of gals are those who ride everywhere rather than drive a car, take cross-country trips (sometimes solo), or even race motocross. This woman is strong and passionate in all she does and to those she loves. 

Profile of a Female Motorcyclist She’z – an all things motorcycling kind of gal!

What Type of Women Rider are You?

Now that you have met four types of women that ride motorcycles, which type of women rider are you? If you do not ride yet, I hope you found inspiration to compel you forward in this wonderful journey of motorcycling. Ladies, you need to stop thinking why you can’t and start thinking about why you can ride a motorcycle or accomplish any other amazing feat! Keep the rubber down and shiny side up.

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